Without a doubt this is the most ambitious musical work I've ever produced. First, the fact that this is a heavy metal orchestral album makes it quite different than my audience is used to experiencing. Then, there's the name... Why even mention the word Zombie in my work?

Well, here's the story.

I was approached by my best friend Paul a little over a year ago to produce an orchestral heavy metal album just for fun. Both of us being huge Zombie fans decided that "Zombie" to be in the name since the idea was to make it dark and heavy based on the metal and orchestral sounds I had chosen to use.

However, it didn't take long for me to start using these songs while working on my other programs of finally, while exercising. As the power behind this music began to energize me, I realized we had something much more special on our hands. What I realized is that the word "Zombie" was becoming a metaphor.

Because of this emotional exploration and breakthrough based on my own experience with this work, I began to write songs like "Beyond the Flame" and "Second Soul" (The last one on the compilation above) in order to produce a sense of "heroism and depth" to the music instead of just darkness.

Yes, I realize most of my audience will most likely not be interested in this kind of music, but it's the power behind it that matters. This power is driven by the spirit behind each song that focuses on the metaphor of "Zombie Stompin" which now means...

"Finding the strength to breakthrough whatever barrier that stands before you."

The next step was to produce a kind of "story-based progression" of the songs. For example, The Coming Storm begins with sound effects with panic and sirens. Then, the album moves gradually to more heroic themes as it finishes with "Second Soul". (A video is in the works for this particular song as well)

So as you can see, this isn't just a series of orchestral heavy metal songs. In fact, if I were to give you my absolute candid opinion, it's music like this that can help mend a broken spirit.

Adam King - The Creator of Tessera